Quickly find your way to our public charging stations in Brussels!

Charge your vehicle quickly and easily at our public charging stations with capacities from 7kW to 22kW.

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Active Chargepoints
  • 424 Chargers in the 19 Brussels municipalities
  • 100% green power
  • easy charging (7,4kW till 22kW AC)
  • reserved spaces for charging your electric car.

How do I use a charging station? How does charging a car work?

Our charging stations are easy to use and easy to operate. Find out more about the use of our charging stations.

How much does charging my vehicle cost? Do I have to pay parking fees?

Find out more about the costs for charging your vehicle and the costs for parking during the charging sessions here.

Public charging in Brussels

Charge your vehicle smoothly

Together with Brussels Mobility, TotalEnergies installed a network of publicly accessible charging points in the Brussels-Capital Region.

You can easily charge your vehicle at our charging stations (7.2kW> 22kW AC charging) and you can easily pay for your charging session with your charge card or via the EVcharge app, available in the Apple Appstore or in the Google Playstore.

Our charging stations are compatible with more than 300 providers (e-MSPs). You can find an overview via the link below.